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    Shlouwarpch !

    A new meeting via Facebook where a number of musicians decide to make albums by sending each other music tracks via the internet.
    Every musician adds, transforms the music, in his home studio until an album takes shape.

    Augustin Brousseloux is one of those very active musicians on social networks .

    Augustin Brousseloux is a young French musician (born in Reims 08.06.1999). He is a guitarist, saxophonist and mandolinist. He recorded with musicians like Noël Akchoté, Michael Park, Baptiste Boiron, Chris Silver T, Matthias Boss, Sherman, Charlie Rauh, Geometric Horsehair.

    He offered me to perform a duet album with him.
    He sent me a series of tracks based on "ambient, contemporary minimalist with harsh-noise passages" guitar improvisations.
    I added sounds created with various electronic tools by transforming piano parts, guitar, percussion, voice, urban sounds.

    The title of the album is "Shlouwarpch ! " Onomatopoeia which gives a good idea of the sound path surprises that we offer.

    The album will be released on Facing You / IMR in January 2015.
    It will be distributed by Musea, Instant Music Records, Souffle Continu, Improjazz and les Allumés du Jazz.

    Henri Roger, October 2014

    "Shlouwarpch ! "Augustin Brousseloux-Henri Roger

    1. The Deserted Factory 9’19
    AB : + guitar sounds effects
    HR : + guitar sounds effects, Cube Nave + for iPad

    2. Shredissimmo 7’08
    AB : + guitar sounds effects
    HR : guitar + iMaschine for iPhone

    3. The Soft 7’27 Engine
    AB : + guitar sounds effects
    HR : + guitar sounds effects, Cube for iPad.

    4. 5’40 Yachts
    AB : + guitar sounds effects
    HR : boat horns + iMaschine for Iphone + effects

    5. Shlouwarpch ! 6’38
    AB : guitar
    HR : vocals, piano + iMaschine for iPhone + sounds effects

    6. The Chinese Metronome 13’40
    HR : guitar + effects + Seiko metronome sounds
    AB : + guitar sounds effects

    7. Pop Up 7’23
    AB : + guitar sounds effects
    HR : percussion + Commercial + iMaschine for iPhone

    Editing, mix and mastering by Henri Roger.
    October 2014.
    Album cover © Anne Pesce.

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