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    New Silences

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    When you have tinnitus, as I do, when the outside noises die off you can only hear them. We can then begin to accept inner “new silences”. This album is a kind of reflection on the nuances between noises and sounds and offers different horizons to the imagination of others. You can listen to it through headphones or speakers or in the car, in the order or the disorder of the tracks, at different volumes, from the lowest audible, avoiding high levels of decibels, there is no question of causing tinnitus in others. It is a solo creation made with the indirect help of musicians, IRCAM and UVI teams, plugin creators for Pro Tools. Here is an overview of one of the UVI-IRCAM soundbanks used in this recording : “With over 500 distinct playing styles, IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 is a detailed and expressive collection of 16 orchestral instruments performed by professionals and recorded at IRCAM, an internationally recognized institute. Each instrument includes standard playing styles as well as numerous experimental articulations to provide a sophisticated creative source for modern composers seeking more natural, specific and varied instrumental sounds. IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 goes beyond classic playing styles by adding completely new depth and level of detail. " I share my albums on social networks by associating one of my Facebook statuses. For New Silences developed between 2020 and 2021 : “Confinements, periods conducive to ideas at home. " The visual is part of my “digital art” creations : PiXXXLS 2361. The album will be available on digital platforms, in high resolution on those that do, from June 25, 2021. Label : Facing You / NL 022 Distribution : Believe. To learn more about my recordings, Citizen Jazz published on March 29, 2020 an article by Nicolas Dourlhès on my recent “electro-contemporary” solo albums : https://www.citizenjazz.com/Henri-Roger-l-art-et-la-matiere.html

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